The roofing of the house needs to be well made for it to last long and be able to protect the house and people living inside. To make sure that you get your money’s worth, hire a trustworthy roofing professional by clicking here.

So, when should you replace the roof your house? Here are some signs that you may look for to be able to decide properly:

A leaky attic. When you think that you need a new roof, the first thing that you should check is not your house exterior, but the attic. By checking your attic, you will know whether there are small holes on the top of your house if you see some light beaming through. Also, if you see stain or streaks then surely you will know that you already have a leaky roof.  This time, there is really a need to replace or improve your house roofing since leaks may damage the furniture inside your house. 

Check your paper trail. You should have records on your home improvement activities. With this, you can check how long ago your roof has been replaced or re-shingled so you will know whether you have to do it again or not. This depends on the material that is being used on your roof. For instance, the material used is asphalt, this typically lasts for 20 to 25 years. If it is nearing its lifespan, regularly checking on your roof shingles is a must to make sure that your roof can still do its function. The shingles should still be laying flat on the roof, if its already buckling, cracked or already damaged, then replacing it should be in order. 

Flash regularly. Flashing is very important in maintaining the useful life of the roof. This is because this seal the seams of the roof, preventing rain from getting inside the house. Do check the seals of your roof to make sure that there are no cracks or breaks that could lead to leaks. Most of the time, cement is used in flashing but for a more durable option, consider upgrading to metal. 

Look for unwanted plants on your roof. Moss usually grow on roofs because of the changes in weather. When you see moss growing on your roof, you should immediately take care of it since moss growing on your roof means that there is moisture that is trapped inside. This will damage the roof which could lead to leaks. 

When you see these signs, it does not mean that you have to replace the entire roof of your house so do not panic. You can just replace the damage ones.