If you are looking at having your roof repaired by a roof repair company, you may be curious about the types of repair services they do, and what those fancy names really mean. If you are a seasoned roofing expert, you know the ins and outs of roofing vocabulary. However, for those who may be less familiar, the terminology and services and be quite confusing. If you have already read our blogs about standard roofing vocabulary and roofing tool terms, you should be well prepared for today’s topic: Repair service terminology.

Shingle Roofing- If you are building a new home, or if your current home is in need of a new roof, you will likely consider shingle roofing. When considering and selecting shingles for your home or business, one of the first things you should consider is the look of the new shingles. Make sure they are the color and texture you are looking for to match the rest of the building and be sure to check any HOA of property management regulations pertaining to the project. A goof company will provide you with many options of colors and styles, so rest assured you will find something you like. You should also have no trouble finding options for styles that may be lower maintenance or more stain resistant.

Roof Replacement- If anything more than minor damage occurs to your roofing system, you will likely need an entire roof replacement. Bear in mind that a roof of high quality will last for as much as 50 years, although others would be destroyed by weather even before that.

Cool Roof Services- A cool roof is one that is made with higher reflective materials. We know that reflecting sunlight and energy can reduce interior heating and cooling costs, so spending a few extra bucks for this type of system can save a lot of money in the long run. Any qualified professional can help you replace an existing cool roof in the event that it becomes damaged.

Damaged Shingles Repair- You may be tempted to put off repairing damaged shingles; however, over time, the damage will likely get worse. This can ultimately lead to more leakage and structural damage. When water runs through the shingles, the wood rots underneath.

Leak Repairs- When a crack occurs in your roof, it will easily cause damage to other components in your house. Not just that, but a leak will end up destroying things within your house, too. But, you may be able to avoid expensive roof replacement if you stop the leak fast. Don’t hesitate to have a professional check out the damage quickly to ensure if can be repaired before more damage can occur.

Roof Inspection- Be sure to get the roof checked by a trustworthy professional before undertaking any renovation or repair. Then, you’ll learn how to step forward and what to do. You should also have a better idea of pricing and scheduling at this point, and you should have most of the information you will need in order to make a decision about the repair.